Building a Growing Rack

Last year Neal and I intentionally purchased plants for our garden that were heirloom varieties that would allow us to harvest the seeds for planting the following year. I’ve spent the fall and winter collecting ideas of how to go about creating a space for those seedlings as well as indoor herbs. We did not have the resources to build a greenhouse so we needed to have a set up inside the house. Our home has two wonderful porches that wrap almost all the way around. While this is great for summer shade it means that I do not have a single window in the home with good growing sun light. This led me to find a set up that would allow me to put artificial light on growing seedlings. We were blessed this Christmas with a gift card that allowed me to purchase the materials from our local home improvement store.

Growing Rack 01

I materials I purchased included…

One five foot tall and four foot wide wire rack.
Two four foot long, two bulb utility lights with chains for hanging included.
Four T8 bulbs for the lights

The rack was relatively easy to put together. I have no exceptional skills other than the ability to read directions. If I can do it anyone can. I do need to purchase some additional S hooks so that I can adjust the height of the lamps as my seedlings grow. Other than that I’m ready to get planting.

Growing Rack 06

I’m very excited about how this turned out. I can’t wait to get my seeds planted last week and share my progress with you then.

Happy homesteading and God bless!


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