Rough Days

Every now and again I have one of those days that makes me wonder why we bother with all the work and frustration that can be homesteading. Last Thursday was one of those days. One of those days that makes a small house or apartment in town feel like a much more appealing option.

For me it all started the second I walked out of our bedroom door and was met by an aroma that let me know the nine month old puppy was not able to “hold it” this morning. It has only happened a few times and this morning was one of them. The poor guy was looking at me from his crate with a look that said a combination of “I’m so sorry” and “Can you please come help me out of this situation”. So the day begun with crap. Literally.

In my efforts to make up for the extra time spent with this unexpected morning chore I forgot to make myself a lunch for my in-town, part-time gig. This made for a long and HUNGRY day. When I arrived home that afternoon I intended to bee line straight for the kitchen for a pre-dinner snack. Instead as I drive into the farm I see that the horses have taken down a section of fence that will need immediate attention. So much for that snack.

I quickly ran through the afternoon’s chores hoping that Neal would be home before I had to get to mending the fence. Unfortunately, just as I was finishing up and heading out to the pasture with hammer in hand I received a phone call that a wildfire on the gamelands would be keeping Neal away until well into the night. Time to put on the super farm girl cap and get this fence patched up on my own. I lucked out in that none of the boards were actually broken, just knocked off their posts. The braided electric wire was also still intact which had kept the herd in the fence and kept a bad situation from turning into an emergency.

Major frustrations quickly took over even the smallest of tasks. I cracked three eggs while cleaning the day’s collection, the pekin drakes bullied up on the khaki campbell drake while trying to pen them up for the night, and I still hadn’t even THOUGHT about what was going to be dinner. Why do we do this again?

The day’s chores eventually were completed and I find myself sitting alone in the living room with the windows open reflecting on what I would not call the best of days. One dog is curled up to my right and the other two are sleeping at my feet. All is quiet except for the song of spring peepers coming through the window behind me announcing that spring is soon on its way. I hear the rustle of hay flakes as the horses nose through what remains of their dinner with an occasional snort. Outside the night is clear and the light from the stars is crisp. The ducks give out an occasional quack as someone readjusts in their chosen part of the pen.

While these are the days that make me question our choices, it is these nights that reaffirm that we are exactly where our hearts have lead us which is farm from that small apartment in town.

Happy Homesteading and God Bless.


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