Reaves Engraving

Reaves Engraving is a family owned business that has been based in Scotland County since 1933. Specializing in quality invitations and social stationary Reaves regularly provides complete ensembles for weddings, save the dates, rehearsal dinners, birth announcements, social correspondence, and many other printed items. In addition to stationary Reaves also offers calligraphy completed through computer-driven plotters which provide perfectly formed calligraphy at an affordable price in comparison to hand calligraphy.

Reaves 04.jpg
Invitations and other stationary items ready to be put together for sample packs.

Reaves is owned by Lindsay and Gay Pratt of Pinehurst, North Carolina after being long time residents of Laurinburg. Another familiar face at Reaves is the office manager Barbara who has been part of Reaves since ____. Other employees who work in the typesetting and calligraphy departments are often friends and family of the owners or former employees and have thus known the Pratt family throughout the years.

Reaves 03
A computer-drive plotter does calligraphy for a rehearsal dinner invitation.

Most business is conduct through mail, online, and phone orders though customers who live nearby are welcomed to come visit the shop and see first hand what options are available for their needs. Reaves offers multiple printing techniques including engraving, letterpress, flat print, thermography, or digital printing. Each style offers a variety of colors and fonts to personalize a customer’s piece in either a classic presentation or unique personal flair.

Reaves 05
A collection of multi colored napkins available for customers to select from.

Reaves also offers a variety of services that help make the invitation process as easy as possible. Invitation orders can be finished with stamping services for both response and mailing envelopes including international addresses, number of response cards to keep track of attendees, stuffing completed elements of the ensemble, and even shipping directly from the shop if the customer desires.

Reaves 02
Invitation orders wait their turn for calligraphy before being shipped to customers.

Ultimately, Reaves provides a classic stationary product with expert experience in etiquette and design all with the personalized service that can only be provided through a small, family owned business. A credit to their success can be seen in their marketing strategy which is almost entirely word of mouth. Reaves has successfully brought that small, hometown experience to the rest of the world through their mail order business which makes the experience much more special than purchasing stationary through a mass production corporation.

Happy Homesteading (and local shopping!) and God Bless!



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