The Blog

The Land – The land is the most important piece of the homesteading life. Without the land the other aspects of our lifestyle would be impossible. In this catagory we will share an aspect of tending to our land in order to help it provide the subsistence that gives our farm and family life.  Topics to expect include pasture management, garden cultivation, and produce production.

The Livestock – The animals who share the farm with us are some of the most fun and animated aspect of the homestead life. Livestock that have been found at the farm in the past year include cattle, horses, mules, chickens, ducks, turkeys, pheasants, and hogs not to mention dogs and cats. While many of the livestock on the farm are raised to provide meat they are still members of our family during their lives with us. We work hard to provide a healthy and happy life for them as well as honor their lives when they provide for our families. This blog catagory will share the various tasks that are performed in the caring for our livestock.

The Kitchen – Homestead cooking is one of the highlights of the farm life. Taking the product of your hard work and turning it into a meal that nurtures your family is an extremely rewarding experience. Food preparation includes not only daily meals, but also food preservation through freezing, canning, and dehydrating. Just as food is shared from a homesteading kitchen with love so will be our recipes and methods.

The Home – The ability to create one’s own home goods and crafts were once common skills among families. Women particularly were taught early how to sew, mend, and create beautiful works of art through needle craft. Jennifer has been blessed in having been taught many of these skills from her mother and grandmother. Follow us here to learn how to do many of them yourself and start creating your own beautiful pieces.

The Community – The Pony Draw is located in the Sandhills of North Carolina just a few miles shy of the South Carolina state border. As with many regions that do not have a large metropolitan city there is often the perception that our region has little to offer or not much to do. We hope to help change that viewpoint by sharing our community home with our readers. Take the opportunity to get to know local businesses, non-profits, and other parts of our community home.